Interactive Truck Demo

Created by Tobias Blickle

Problem Description

The task of the truck-backer-upper problem can be outlined as follows: A truck is positioned at an arbitrary position (x,y) on a yard with an arbitrary angle of the truck cabin cabt and an arbitrary heading of trailer trailert (see figure below). The truck moves at constant speed backwards. The goal is to determine a controller that computes the steering angle u in dependence of the actual position, such that the truck is driven into the loading dock at position (0,0). Hence, a functional dependency u=g(x,y,cabt,trailert) is searched.
The functions that can be used to compose the steering controller are:
PLUS(a,b)  returns a+b
MINUS(a,b)  returns a-b
MUL(a,b)  returns a*b
DIV(a,b)  return a/b, if b <> 0, else 1
ATG(a,b)  returns atan2(a,b), if a<> 0, else 0
IFLTZ(a,b,c)  returns b, if a<0, else returns c
Several approaches to solve this problem exist. The first solution was presented in [2] using neural networks. Koza described the first experiments with Genetic Programming to solve this task [1].