Online heating monitoring


In 2008 a new wood-based heating from Solvis was installed at home which is controlled by a device that allows logging and analysis of sensors (temperature) and actors of the central heating system.

Heating control online:

Here you see the current status of my heating system from 29.07.2017 12:45:00
Hot Water (Top)65.9C
Hot Water (Bottom)65.9C
Solar in64.1C
Solar out62.1C
Solar collector81.9C
Outside temperatur25.9C
Water circulation28.6C
Boiler flow temperatur23.0C
Room temperature24.2C
Solar pumpOn
Heating pumpOff
Circulation pumpOff
Hot water chargerOff
Boiler demandOff
Boiler pumpOff
Heating mixer upOff
Heating mixer downOff