Topics of interest:

Software development:

I started my first experiments in software development in 1980 with a Commodore VIC 20. Later, I "upgraded" to Commodore 64 and in 1986 buyed an Atari ST. All software development this time was closely related to electronic devices (e.g. using an electronic typewriter as printer, sampling and remixing of pop music with 8-Bit-A/D converter). During my studies in worked as a programmer at the Institute of Microelectronics at the Universtät des Saarlandes. During my PhD all theoretical results were supported by software written in C and C++. During my job I have been working over 15 years in a different software development departments with vaious applications based on java. Currently, I am head of development for CLIX which is a web application based on java web server technology.

Business intelligence

To develop software tools that allow companies to measure the performance of their business processes was the main topic of my work a IDS Scheer and Software AG.

Fractal images:

I did a lot of experiments and programming around fractals, especially on Iterated Function Systems. I also implemented a "fractal copying machine" based on the ideas of Hertmut Jürgens, Heinz-Otto Peitgen and Dietmar Saupe and published an article on that topic ("Fraktale - Natur und Fälschung", in German).

Development of electronic devices:

I developed and designed several electronic clocks. The most complex project was a mircoprocessor (6502) based clock with a DCF receiver (to automatically detect the current time) developed during my studies in 1988.