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The Mypekan
The Mypekan

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Surrender 3.2c by me & myself
Armageddon 1.4 by me & myself > BUGFIX <
PEdit 1.1 by me & myself
HTML Hull v0.3b by me & myself
Host's Message Tool 1.2
Use the wormhole to Galactic Traveller

VGA Planets links
Official VGA Planets home page
Latest info on VGA Planets 4
Look at Sharenet's VGA Planets site for The Q, VPA, AutoTroll and the largest VGAP ftp area
The Killing Floor homepage
DarkSoft homepage (The Gambler)
Enter The Den Of The Draconian
See Biohazard BBS, maintained by CadMan
Visit MacBird (Timo Kreike) for ShipSoul and more elite stuff
Bane can be found here on the net
{RaTT}'s page (cats please stay out, hehe)
Witte's page (hey, he as link to my site, so why not? :)
Keth's page (see above, Witte :) Fav links)
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Make a Hyperjump to Galactic Traveller

VGA Planets player utilities
Set warp 9 to Sonic Hedgehog's page of VGA Planets common player utilities

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I currently host several games using
AutoTroll for Windows 95.
I am very sorry that I can not list all games here. If you want to be added to my player database and thus be told about new games starting, send me an eMail (remember to give a valid return address!).