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What is this?

Welcome to the VGA Planets Programmers webring! This webring has been created for giving programmers of VGA Planets addons and utilities a place to discuss about new programs and announce them. They can also exchange sources and ideas here, as well as having some chat about VGAP from "the other side".
If you are a Programmer and already programmed something VGAP related or want to do so in near future, you are encouraged to sign up!

NOTE: This Webring has not been created to give information about reg key systems and that stuff, nor to show ways for hacking Tim's game in any way. If you don't like the game, mail your suggestions to Tim so he could possibly use them for VGAP 4.

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The Webring finally is configured and functioning! Please notice that there is also a VGA Planets Programmers mailinglist. Mail to with SUBSCRIBE VGAPPROG in body to sign up.

File Downloads [NEW]
Description: Yes = available; Partial = parts available; No = not available;

  Programs by Tim Wisseman  
  Name Of Program     BASIC source     Pascal source     C/C++ source  
CPlayer Yes No Parts
Ships Yes No No
Sheet Yes No No

  Programs by Matthias Bauer  
  Name Of Program     BASIC source     Pascal source     C/C++ source  
Surrender No No No
Armageddon No No No
Host's Message Tool No No No
Planetary Data Editor No No No
HTMLhull No No No

  Code Snippets, Tools... by various autors  
  Name/Description     BASIC source     Pascal source     C/C++ source  
SendMess No No Yes
RandMax-style taxation unit No Yes No

Ring Functions

These are the basic functions like information and statistics about the ring and the signup procedure.

Ring Statistics
Last 8 weeks statistics of the ring, including hits for each site.
Site List
A list of all sites in the ring in the order the webring uses. This gives a good overview over all the sites in the ring.
Join the ring
Proceed to the signup procedure. Also remember the VGA Planets Programming Mailinglist: Mail to with SUBSCRIBE VGAPPROG in body to sign up. Keep in mind that you will be added to a queue first and there is no need your site is being added to the ring!

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