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Welcome to my Warhammer page. I decided to dedicate a own page to one of my favorite hobbies. The fans of Warhammer Tabletop or Fantasy Roleplay will admit that this is a very expensive hobby (at least in Germany). But if you play it you it is to late to stop because it is to fascinating. Perhaps you know that Games Workshop has sold the rights of Warhammer tabletop to........So if you want to contact these people you can write them an email: XXXXX. I used WHFRP for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay and just Warhammer for Warhammer in general. Files are in Zip for Winzipfile and Txt for Textfile, Ww for Winword document. 

First of all some links some Games Workshop sites:   
Some pictures of warhammer are located in my Gallery !!!  

Nice files with tools for playing: 
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Warhammer and Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay are registerd Trademarks. I don't want to violate any rights of the owners of those Trademarks. So if you are not pleased with the presentation of your products notify me and I will remove them. 

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